Travel :Episode One :D – Part ll – A love letter to snowfall.

​GOSH! Oh my heart <3. It was finally SNOWING! I was viewing the snow fall from my car window the comfort of my warm and cozy car seat LOL. Snow is one of the fantastic gifts of winter. The way the snow was sprinkled down, it looked astonishing.

Snow fall had increased my heartbeat and butterflies in my stomach with excitement and happiness. In a blink of an eye everything was covered by smooth snow. I just wanted to stop the car and went out to fully enjoy the flurry weather. As I opened the car’s window the flurry of snow blew in. At long last car stopped we went out from the car, took a deep breathe, one of my biggest dream came true today Alhumdulillah. I opened my arms and closed my eyes and breathed in the freshness of the air LOL yeah exactly! My pose was like titanic ;).

Suddenly, I felt shortened of breathe. I stepped towards my car and opened my cars door to get back into it and covered my neck from front by muffler and zipped up my hoodie.

After few minutes, I was feeling fine. We were not exactly in front of China border. Our tour guide stopped car before check point on the left side. Weather was very foggy and we were unable to view the border. Everyone out there was heading towards the border by walk. It wasn’t easy for us to walk through the border because of the chilled weather, We Karachiites are not habitual of such hard and wintry weather but we were extremely enthusiastic. We continued walking towards Border.

The vision and feeling was exactly the same as my baba described to me. I was freezing, teeth chatter, skin paling, and I experienced numbness in my fingers as cold seeps into my gloves and foot due to cold weather, until they cease to bend properly, stiffened and frigid.  I remembered baba’s words and with each step I took, I missed him badly and wanted him to be here with me. I couldn’t call him though because mobile signals were not reachable as we were on height. Due to fog, we could barely see the road in front of us. Finally after 10 to 15 minutes’ walk from check point, I was right in front of China Border. Army men were very welcoming, modest and helpful towards all tourists.

Peeps were taking selfie’s with them and clicked group pictures. You know what happened next, Group of folks recite National Anthem in a clamorous attractive and charming voice. I was amazed and never thought I would hear anthem at border like this. Rest of people nearby also took part with them. Folk’s sparky slogan about Pak-China friendship.

Snow is one of the prettiest things. It glistened in the sun and gives the illusion of soft clouds, icy snow to soft powdered fluff. My life’s first trip and I saw snow falling I was feeling so blessed. I was so glad and thankful to GOD to answer my prayers :). Winter is a wonderland.

Travel : Episode One :D -Part l – A love letter to Snowfall.

OMG snow fall my first LOVE 😍. Every time when I heard snowfall had occurred in northern areas of Pakistan and other countries. I sat back, hold my heart, breathe deeply and always think if I ever see snowfall with my eyes? Would I be able touch it? I always have lots of questions in my mind, how would the snowfall look like..? Would it be possible to feel it? Would I be able to taste it? How would it feel like? How would it taste like? Lolol blaah blaaah yaa trust me I questioned myself a lot and my baba as well. Ohh yeaaahh me and my innocent questions 😂.

I remember when snowfall season came and snowfall occurred in different northern areas of Pakistan. When weather broadcast was transmitted on television. My baba called me by way of saying quickly come here..!  I ran towards his room to watch the weather broadcast 😍. I always talked to my baba that I want to go in this season and wants to feel and live this season and this weather. I want to feel and live wonderful and enchanting moments. I literally showed my stubbornness that I want to see this way or other way around. The level of my craziness was very intense. I forced him to take me there. Baba always said to me oh man you’re simply crazy and impossible 😂🙉. You couldn’t bear Karachi’s winter weather how are you going to bear that weather. You don’t have an idea that your fingers will be swelled because of the – (minus) decreased temperature. Tap water becomes solid ice. The breath become foggy when one exhale.

My face swelled like a watermelon whenever he started saying this to me. This daughter dad conversation happen every year 😂. Sometimes I felt complex from those who belonged to those regions where snow falls lol.

Then one day I got a chance to visit Pakistan and its northern areas. I was very much excited, I shared this great news with everyone in my surroundings. My cousin told me you are going in August. You would not get a chance to see snowfall, oh yes you can see fallen snow on mountains and roads maybe but for sure on mountains. I scowled at him, when he stated this 😝. Though I was excited and I had little hope for snowfall but on the other hand, I was thinking what if it would not happened. So I had mixed feelings.

On my tour I saw lots of delightful and attractive sceneries. But in my inner most, I craved to see the snow fall. We were heading towards China border. My face was outside the car’s window. We were on height of 1800km, I was looking towards the mountain, I saw the glistened on the mountains, it was fresh snow fall occurred; my tour guide said, see the mountains snow fall befallen. He just said and my heart leaped with excitement. I started praying oh GOD please please please! Let it snow. All of the sudden, along with the wind, small pieces of snow started falling down, on my glasses and lips. I cleaned my glasses and when I licked my lips because it was moisturized, it tasted like ice. I was like: “what was that?” Then I opened my palm and put my hand out of the car window to catch the snow. Our tour guide again said it’s not snow falling, its snow melting down with breeze. It’s that snow which was fallen on the mountains. My heart was broken when he said like that. But still I crossed my fingers and continue praying and hoping for a snowfall.

As we reached to the road of China border, Guess what?… :-/ to be continued Part 2 Love letter to snowfall …

Travel : Episode Zeroth :D – 15 Days Around The Amazing Pakistan.

My journey to Pak tour was the kind of catalyst for my travel bug. I always knew I wanted to travel, but didn’t really have an opportunity because I never get permission to go with my friends and my mom always say do whatever you want once you get married. Errggg anyways… My uncle’s family (mamo) were planning to go to Pak tour in the mid of August 2016. My aunt (mami) asked me to come with them. When she offered me, I got so excited thou I never wanted to go for pak tour because I don’t like Pakistan tour didn’t know the reason why. Basically my aunt initiated the plan. She put all the efforts to make it happen. She contacted with the tour guide who lived in Murree. She got his number by the reference of my uncle’s friend. He himself had Pakistan tour accompanied by his family with the same guide, he told my uncle that he’s a nice and trustworthy person so if you’re planning a visit with your family, then you must go with him. I have forgotten the name of that tour guide ummmm oh yesh Kamran Bhai (KB). My uncle called him and discussed about the expenses of our 15 days tour. He told him about the complete expenditure.

The tour guide asked him to decide and confirm our tour dates so he could done with the arrangements accordingly. We planned to go in train and chosen to go from Lahore to Rawalpindi by road. We communicated KB about our plan and also gave him information about our train and busses timings yaa I know our trains are never on time thou busses usually are. We also mentioned him to pick us from daewoo buss adaah lol.

Ok so the climax part 😬 here my family didn’t know anything about the plan. So, after everything was done, I informed them that I am going with them 🙈🙊 on these dates. OMG after this high spot announcement my nuclear family blasted over me with lots of Y’s , ifs and buts, eewww!! That was expected but at last they said OK go, but yaaaa with a long list of precautions and advices. But I was more focused an excited that i finally got the permission Yuppieee :D. Hey My pakkiii Here I come <3.

FOODIE ME : Subha ka nashta at espresso with office buddies..!

Instant plans are always awesome. I reached at work and turned on my system to start my work that out of nowhere one of my friend came to my seat and asked me: “Nashta karna hai..?” Of course, I said yes definitely. How am I supposed to say no to food? 🙈

We planned to have a nashta from Espresso. We booked Careem, and we reached at our venue. Environment was so peaceful. Gentry was good. A waiter came to us and asked how many person we are so he arranged table for odd number seats for us in a non-smoking zone. By odd number I meant we were 5, yesh! hum panch    and they have tables for even number peeps. He handed over us a menu book and we started picking numerous items from it. They set cutlery and napkins. 

We ordered Power breakfast. In power breakfast, we can order any two eggs prepared as per our choices so, we ordered Mediterranean Omelets and other was cheese and mushroom Omelet. Bread basket with our meal was served in which there were two sugar-coated sweetened pancakes. Green salad was fresh and its green leaves gave peace to eyes. Frankfurter nom nom. Delicious hash browns, fresh Orange juice, coffee, banana with yogurt and honey OMG it was so scrumptious, not at all heavy as banana shakes are heavy usually. 

Espresso offers an interesting deal for their chocolate chip baked cookie. On each check-in via Facebook they give free cookie… So, we got four check-in and our check in were verified by the waiter. They gave us cookies yayaya lol it was so delightful, soft, sweet and nicely baked.

We ordered dessert in the end. It was so appealing and yummy.

I hope to try more restaurants for breakfast. Over all it was stupendous experience.

FOODIE ME: Behind the scene..!

Ahhh marriage season saheellii ki shadi oh yesh meri pyaarii friend was getting married.. we all were deciding the place to give her a farewell party and small bridal shower.. Finally, after a long discussion we decided to go to Dunkin Donuts. Ohh yessshhh We call it (DD) … We decided DD because it was nearer to our office place and we had to come back soon because some of my friends had a meeting scheduled .. Yeeaahhh Software engineers’ life .. But when we reached there, almost all seats were reserved and we were on waiting queue… As we all were in hurry.. We decided on the spot that we must go to some other place because we had to reach our office maximum by 3pm..
Finally one of our friend suggested Al-Ridan … He was the one to decide this place. According to our situation, as I already mentioned, we had to come back soon… We sat in our cars and move ahead, way to Al-Ridan … LOL. Fun part of this DD to Al-Ridan was that he said it was in Bhadurhabad, though it is not there. It’s actually located at Khalid bin Walid road… We lost the way because of his bad navigational skills but, at last we reached to our venue.. The ambiance was outstanding. Did I forget to mention that it was our first experience for Al Ridan..? When we entered in the restaurant a person was standing right in front of the reception he asked kitnay admi ho LOL .. We mentioned and when he gave us the option where we want to sit either on table or on floor… we chose the second option yeah right that’s floor! .. After we settled down, a waiter came to us to take our order… And yesh we were ready to give order as we were dying with hunger..
We placed our order and started our chitchat and most important started taking our selfies .. haha ..!
Our food got served in about 15 to 20 mins.. mandiii is served in Thaal and it is such a great cultural outlook that was created from interior to serving.. I just love the way they present the food.. Oh yesh I forgot to mention about the yukhni soup which they served as a starter I can say.. we squeezed lemon it was yummm .. we saved some yukhni to pour it on our mandi rice .. Suggested by my bondoo dost .. waiter put plates also but we started in thaaaal.. Nom nomm nommm mouth watering that salted meat and rice with haraa raita and temaatar ki chatniii on it.. Stomach was filled but intentions didn’t .. waiter opened the drinks (soft drinks) thssh thssh lol .. The sweet dish was awesome great creamy taste .. we all are not sweet tooth that’s why there were multiple spoons in one dish just to taste it lol but that was delicious..

Over all it was a great experience yummilicious food.. Everything was great Allhumdullah..