Travel : Episode Zeroth :D – 15 Days Around The Amazing Pakistan.

My journey to Pak tour was the kind of catalyst for my travel bug. I always knew I wanted to travel, but didn’t really have an opportunity because I never get permission to go with my friends and my mom always say do whatever you want once you get married. Errggg anyways… My uncle’s family (mamo) were planning to go to Pak tour in the mid of August 2016. My aunt (mami) asked me to come with them. When she offered me, I got so excited thou I never wanted to go for pak tour because I don’t like Pakistan tour didn’t know the reason why. Basically my aunt initiated the plan. She put all the efforts to make it happen. She contacted with the tour guide who lived in Murree. She got his number by the reference of my uncle’s friend. He himself had Pakistan tour accompanied by his family with the same guide, he told my uncle that he’s a nice and trustworthy person so if you’re planning a visit with your family, then you must go with him. I have forgotten the name of that tour guide ummmm oh yesh Kamran Bhai (KB). My uncle called him and discussed about the expenses of our 15 days tour. He told him about the complete expenditure.

The tour guide asked him to decide and confirm our tour dates so he could done with the arrangements accordingly. We planned to go in train and chosen to go from Lahore to Rawalpindi by road. We communicated KB about our plan and also gave him information about our train and busses timings yaa I know our trains are never on time thou busses usually are. We also mentioned him to pick us from daewoo buss adaah lol.

Ok so the climax part 😬 here my family didn’t know anything about the plan. So, after everything was done, I informed them that I am going with them 🙈🙊 on these dates. OMG after this high spot announcement my nuclear family blasted over me with lots of Y’s , ifs and buts, eewww!! That was expected but at last they said OK go, but yaaaa with a long list of precautions and advices. But I was more focused an excited that i finally got the permission Yuppieee :D. Hey My pakkiii Here I come <3.


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