Travel : Episode One :D -Part l – A love letter to Snowfall.

OMG snow fall my first LOVE 😍. Every time when I heard snowfall had occurred in northern areas of Pakistan and other countries. I sat back, hold my heart, breathe deeply and always think if I ever see snowfall with my eyes? Would I be able touch it? I always have lots of questions in my mind, how would the snowfall look like..? Would it be possible to feel it? Would I be able to taste it? How would it feel like? How would it taste like? Lolol blaah blaaah yaa trust me I questioned myself a lot and my baba as well. Ohh yeaaahh me and my innocent questions πŸ˜‚.

I remember when snowfall season came and snowfall occurred in different northern areas of Pakistan. When weather broadcast was transmitted on television. My baba called me by way of saying quickly come here..!  I ran towards his room to watch the weather broadcast 😍. I always talked to my baba that I want to go in this season and wants to feel and live this season and this weather. I want to feel and live wonderful and enchanting moments. I literally showed my stubbornness that I want to see this way or other way around. The level of my craziness was very intense. I forced him to take me there. Baba always said to me oh man you’re simply crazy and impossible πŸ˜‚πŸ™‰. You couldn’t bear Karachi’s winter weather how are you going to bear that weather. You don’t have an idea that your fingers will be swelled because of the – (minus) decreased temperature. Tap water becomes solid ice. The breath become foggy when one exhale.

My face swelled like a watermelon whenever he started saying this to me. This daughter dad conversation happen every year πŸ˜‚. Sometimes I felt complex from those who belonged to those regions where snow falls lol.

Then one day I got a chance to visit Pakistan and its northern areas. I was very much excited, I shared this great news with everyone in my surroundings. My cousin told me you are going in August. You would not get a chance to see snowfall, oh yes you can see fallen snow on mountains and roads maybe but for sure on mountains. I scowled at him, when he stated this 😝. Though I was excited and I had little hope for snowfall but on the other hand, I was thinking what if it would not happened. So I had mixed feelings.

On my tour I saw lots of delightful and attractive sceneries. But in my inner most, I craved to see the snow fall. We were heading towards China border. My face was outside the car’s window. We were on height of 1800km, I was looking towards the mountain, I saw the glistened on the mountains, it was fresh snow fall occurred; my tour guide said, see the mountains snow fall befallen. He just said and my heart leaped with excitement. I started praying oh GOD please please please! Let it snow. All of the sudden, along with the wind, small pieces of snow started falling down, on my glasses and lips. I cleaned my glasses and when I licked my lips because it was moisturized, it tasted like ice. I was like: β€œwhat was that?” Then I opened my palm and put my hand out of the car window to catch the snow. Our tour guide again said it’s not snow falling, its snow melting down with breeze. It’s that snow which was fallen on the mountains. My heart was broken when he said like that. But still I crossed my fingers and continue praying and hoping for a snowfall.

As we reached to the road of China border, Guess what?… :-/ to be continued Part 2 Love letter to snowfall …


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