Travel :Episode One :D – Part ll – A love letter to snowfall.

​GOSH! Oh my heart <3. It was finally SNOWING! I was viewing the snow fall from my car window the comfort of my warm and cozy car seat LOL. Snow is one of the fantastic gifts of winter. The way the snow was sprinkled down, it looked astonishing.

Snow fall had increased my heartbeat and butterflies in my stomach with excitement and happiness. In a blink of an eye everything was covered by smooth snow. I just wanted to stop the car and went out to fully enjoy the flurry weather. As I opened the car’s window the flurry of snow blew in. At long last car stopped we went out from the car, took a deep breathe, one of my biggest dream came true today Alhumdulillah. I opened my arms and closed my eyes and breathed in the freshness of the air LOL yeah exactly! My pose was like titanic ;).

Suddenly, I felt shortened of breathe. I stepped towards my car and opened my cars door to get back into it and covered my neck from front by muffler and zipped up my hoodie.

After few minutes, I was feeling fine. We were not exactly in front of China border. Our tour guide stopped car before check point on the left side. Weather was very foggy and we were unable to view the border. Everyone out there was heading towards the border by walk. It wasn’t easy for us to walk through the border because of the chilled weather, We Karachiites are not habitual of such hard and wintry weather but we were extremely enthusiastic. We continued walking towards Border.

The vision and feeling was exactly the same as my baba described to me. I was freezing, teeth chatter, skin paling, and I experienced numbness in my fingers as cold seeps into my gloves and foot due to cold weather, until they cease to bend properly, stiffened and frigid.  I remembered baba’s words and with each step I took, I missed him badly and wanted him to be here with me. I couldn’t call him though because mobile signals were not reachable as we were on height. Due to fog, we could barely see the road in front of us. Finally after 10 to 15 minutes’ walk from check point, I was right in front of China Border. Army men were very welcoming, modest and helpful towards all tourists.

Peeps were taking selfie’s with them and clicked group pictures. You know what happened next, Group of folks recite National Anthem in a clamorous attractive and charming voice. I was amazed and never thought I would hear anthem at border like this. Rest of people nearby also took part with them. Folk’s sparky slogan about Pak-China friendship.

Snow is one of the prettiest things. It glistened in the sun and gives the illusion of soft clouds, icy snow to soft powdered fluff. My life’s first trip and I saw snow falling I was feeling so blessed. I was so glad and thankful to GOD to answer my prayers :). Winter is a wonderland.


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