FOODIE ME : Subha ka nashta at espresso with office buddies..!

Instant plans are always awesome. I reached at work and turned on my system to start my work that out of nowhere one of my friend came to my seat and asked me: “Nashta karna hai..?” Of course, I said yes definitely. How am I supposed to say no to food? 🙈

We planned to have a nashta from Espresso. We booked Careem, and we reached at our venue. Environment was so peaceful. Gentry was good. A waiter came to us and asked how many person we are so he arranged table for odd number seats for us in a non-smoking zone. By odd number I meant we were 5, yesh! hum panch    and they have tables for even number peeps. He handed over us a menu book and we started picking numerous items from it. They set cutlery and napkins. 

We ordered Power breakfast. In power breakfast, we can order any two eggs prepared as per our choices so, we ordered Mediterranean Omelets and other was cheese and mushroom Omelet. Bread basket with our meal was served in which there were two sugar-coated sweetened pancakes. Green salad was fresh and its green leaves gave peace to eyes. Frankfurter nom nom. Delicious hash browns, fresh Orange juice, coffee, banana with yogurt and honey OMG it was so scrumptious, not at all heavy as banana shakes are heavy usually. 

Espresso offers an interesting deal for their chocolate chip baked cookie. On each check-in via Facebook they give free cookie… So, we got four check-in and our check in were verified by the waiter. They gave us cookies yayaya lol it was so delightful, soft, sweet and nicely baked.

We ordered dessert in the end. It was so appealing and yummy.

I hope to try more restaurants for breakfast. Over all it was stupendous experience.


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