FOODIE ME: Behind the scene..!

Ahhh marriage season saheellii ki shadi oh yesh meri pyaarii friend was getting married.. we all were deciding the place to give her a farewell party and small bridal shower.. Finally, after a long discussion we decided to go to Dunkin Donuts. Ohh yessshhh We call it (DD) … We decided DD because it was nearer to our office place and we had to come back soon because some of my friends had a meeting scheduled .. Yeeaahhh Software engineers’ life .. But when we reached there, almost all seats were reserved and we were on waiting queue… As we all were in hurry.. We decided on the spot that we must go to some other place because we had to reach our office maximum by 3pm..
Finally one of our friend suggested Al-Ridan … He was the one to decide this place. According to our situation, as I already mentioned, we had to come back soon… We sat in our cars and move ahead, way to Al-Ridan … LOL. Fun part of this DD to Al-Ridan was that he said it was in Bhadurhabad, though it is not there. It’s actually located at Khalid bin Walid road… We lost the way because of his bad navigational skills but, at last we reached to our venue.. The ambiance was outstanding. Did I forget to mention that it was our first experience for Al Ridan..? When we entered in the restaurant a person was standing right in front of the reception he asked kitnay admi ho LOL .. We mentioned and when he gave us the option where we want to sit either on table or on floor… we chose the second option yeah right that’s floor! .. After we settled down, a waiter came to us to take our order… And yesh we were ready to give order as we were dying with hunger..
We placed our order and started our chitchat and most important started taking our selfies .. haha ..!
Our food got served in about 15 to 20 mins.. mandiii is served in Thaal and it is such a great cultural outlook that was created from interior to serving.. I just love the way they present the food.. Oh yesh I forgot to mention about the yukhni soup which they served as a starter I can say.. we squeezed lemon it was yummm .. we saved some yukhni to pour it on our mandi rice .. Suggested by my bondoo dost .. waiter put plates also but we started in thaaaal.. Nom nomm nommm mouth watering that salted meat and rice with haraa raita and temaatar ki chatniii on it.. Stomach was filled but intentions didn’t .. waiter opened the drinks (soft drinks) thssh thssh lol .. The sweet dish was awesome great creamy taste .. we all are not sweet tooth that’s why there were multiple spoons in one dish just to taste it lol but that was delicious..

Over all it was a great experience yummilicious food.. Everything was great Allhumdullah..


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